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Our business teams work with our financial institutions to deploy well engineered proven business models, adapting to individual market characteristics.

In choosing segments to serve, we begin by understanding the segment characteristics both qualitatively and quantitatively. Our segmentation approaches leverage on in-depth market research and utilize available public data. We gather, analyse and interpret information about the present and future potential of the market, with a focus on the needs of our target customers.

In serving the chosen segments, we approach with a strong value proposition, one that comprise workable solutions, namely: price, tenor, amount and collateral, customised to the needs of the segments. Our proposition also focuses on financial planning, to create awareness of the importance of household savings. We proactively support our customers to manage critical moments along each stage of their life-cycles. We adopt systematic in-market test using "test and learn" approach on products and refine them accordingly to meet demands.

To ensure the successful delivery of the value proposition and smooth customer engagement, we adopt an open architecture distribution approach aligning branch networks to customer needs and leveraging on electronic and mobile channels. To complete the delivery of superior customer experience, we deploy well-trained frontline staff, equipped with tools, leveraging technology and supported by end-to-end processes.

In serving customers, we ensure that the onboarding process is seamless through all channels. To ensure that service quality is acceptable, we track our performance rigorously and customer feedback is valued with priority. As part of relationship building, we focus on customer education and provide non-financial services such as advisory services and functioning as a resource intermediary for suitable external products and services carefully selected to meet customers' needs.

Central to our business model is our risk management framework that enables the clear identification, assessment, monitoring and reporting of enterprise risks. The framework leverages on data analytics and well-established policies to achieve the appropriate risk-reward in the emerging markets we operate.

Our technology platform integrates all customer data to reflect the complete relationship history. This capability is fundamental in transforming comprehensive insights into relevant actions, ensuring a consistent and seamless customer service experience.

To achieve efficiency and effectiveness in the execution of operating activities, we establish a blueprint of end-to-end processes for every business activity and adopt a continuous process improvement philosophy. For instance, in rolling out branch networks across market geographies, our expansion plans are aligned to suit the infrastructure of each market, ensuring delivery of quality service while managing operational risks.