HR and Talent Management

Human Resource Case Study

The building and maintenance of a talented work force is the primary goal of our human resources team. Through a balanced approach that matches empowerment, teamwork and an entrepreneurial spirit, we believe we can attract and retain results-driven and talented leaders. Towards this end we create human resources (HR) platforms and practices to help people thrive and excel.

Empowering employees

Internally, we play a custodian role, ensuring that we all operate through a common set of established values and principles and finding the best people to serve at management and board levels of our institutions.

We endeavour to create an environment where talent can thrive and excel by empowering employees to make decisions that add value and create wealth and health for our financial institutions. Additionally we establish pragmatic practices to help balance governance and empowerment, reward and performance and long-term and short-term incentives.

Facilitating entry

When Fullerton Financial Holdings evaluates new markets, the HR team provides support by sizing up prospects in terms of human capital. We can also assess the risks of a particular labour market and the implications of an operational model. For specific opportunities, we participate in the due diligence process to help assess the individual staff of targeted companies.

Effecting change in our financial institutions

Following acquisition, we play a consulting role to bring best practices and effect change to HR platforms. Where applicable, we work with our financial institutions to identify the appropriate talent to head key positions. Through strategic and technical support, we help strengthen our financial institution's own HR management capability and capacity so that they can help their organisations to achieve their business goals.

Subsequent to our success with Bank Danamon, we continue to support revamping of the platforms and practices for FFH's other financial institutions, such as Alliance Bank and NIB Bank and our new operations in China. Where we do not hold a significant stake, we are open to sharing best practices and have worked in that capacity with Bank of China, China Construction Bank and China Minsheng Bank.