Dunia launches its first ever Sustainability Report

13 January 2014

“Saving The Future” identifies Dunia’s efforts to empower people, save the environment and maximize financial returns 

Dunia Finance, the leading UAE-based finance company, announced that it has published its first ever corporate sustainability report, in line with its focus on building a robust best practice and corporate governance environment. Since its inception in September 2008, dunia adopted sustainability in the heart of its business, as part of its belief in being a good corporate citizen. To achieve this objective, dunia took a long-term strategic view of its business and markets. They undertook a strategy that drives their sustainability framework, helping them focus on the core areas to run a sustainable business, and fulfil their responsibilities towards all their stakeholders.

Themed “Saving the Future”, dunia’s sustainability report followed a ‘triple bottom line’ concept that measures Profits but also the organizational impact on People and the Planet. The basis of this approach is that all companies are responsible to all their stakeholders – not just the shareholders but everyone the company deals with and has an impact on.

Opening with their values to enrich, enable and empower, dunia’s report goes on to describe their social, economic and environmental initiatives. Since many of these initiatives were started almost at the onset of dunia’s operations five years ago, the report also highlights the fruits that dunia’s initiatives have borne in the recent past.

Commenting, Rajeev Kakar, Managing Director and CEO of dunia, said: “At dunia, we are truly committed to sustainability. We have built a strong and resilient business, which is focused on protecting the environment, empowering people, enabling success and enriching lives. We want this company to continue making a difference to the people and communities we serve.”

“We are passionate about being responsible corporate citizens in the UAE. This approach and aspiration obviously comes with greater responsibility towards ensuring that we weave good practices into all aspects of our business, and in everything that we do. This has led us to recognize the importance of social responsibility initiatives for the betterment of the communities we operate in.”

The report, which was prepared based on the comprehensive G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and Implementation Manual, outlined the various programs and initiatives that dunia runs, including their approach to empowering, educating and nurturing talent within the organization and supporting the development of individuals in their communities. The report describes dunia’s customer-centric approach and their focus on diversity and culture, as it does detail how dunia invests heavily in its people, enhancing leadership and particularly developing UAE-national talent.

dunia’s first sustainability report also lists the many green initiatives it has implemented to help protect the environment, including reducing their ecological footprint with compact branches, recycling, automation, reducing waste and promoting energy efficient lighting even for their branch signage. It also explains the importance of profit, out of their belief that profits they generate will benefit all their stakeholders as they create more job opportunities and enhance the lives of more customers in their communities.

Kakar added: “dunia has always adopted and implemented business practices that ensure that we do good as we focus on delivering financial returns. In fact, by rooting our practices in remaining a force for good, we have found that it actually enables, rather than hinders our ability to make financial returns.”

Since it is dunia’s first ever sustainability report, an overview of their sustainability approach since their inception in 2008 is provided. Dunia Finance intends to publish their sustainability report on an annual basis.