Investment date: 8 Feb 2011 Shareholdings: 10% Headquarters: Beijing, People's Republic of China

Setup in 2011, Bank of China Fullerton (BOCF) is a joint venture company of Bank of China (BOC) and Fullerton Financial Holdings (FFH). Combining BOC’s brand and local knowledge with FFH’s strong track record in SME and Micro-SME business models, BOCF has successfully launched its network of Village Banks in China to serve the underserved rural segment in China which comprises 44% of China’s population.

BOCF focuses on providing financial services to customers which include small, medium and micro enterprises, working class individuals, and customers in the agriculture sector - comprising of farmers, farming enterprises, village farms and co-operatives. Its full suite of financial products and services include its multi-channel banking services offering 24-hour call center, e-Banking, mobile banking and SIM card banking services customised to its rural customers’ needs.

At the end of 2018, BOCF has a network of 100 community banks and 130 sub-branches, and is the largest community banking group with the widest distribution and range of services covering 19 provinces and cities for over 1.7 million underserved customers in rural China.

 Financial & Operating Highlights

S$m, y/e 31 December 2018 2017 2016 2015
 Banks 100 96 82 76
 Employees 4,652 4,701 3,765 3,568
 Total Assets 9,381 8,924 5,641 4,732
 Shareholders Equity 1,088 1,021 594 492
 Net Income 82 47 11 6
 ROE % 7.8 5.8 2.1 1.3

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