Investment date: Dec 2005 Shareholdings: 100% Headquarters: Mumbai, India Annual Report

No dream too small.

While establishing its operations in India, Fullerton India set itself a mission to bridge the gap between inclusion and access to financial services in the market. Fullerton India continued to strive towards realizing this mission by expanding its network in newer areas and designing products and services that would fulfill the needs and aspirations of people in the mass market in India.

Over the last six years since its commercial launch, Fullerton India has established a large footprint in financial services through its wide network of branches across the country. Seeking out needs and aspirations of customers and helping fulfill them is the philosophy on which this business is based. Enabling people to express their needs and customizing financial solutions for them is the core of the company’s service in this segment. That is Fullerton India’s mission.

Through its network of over 360 branches spread across 21 Indian states, Fullerton India today services almost one million customers in over 300 towns and cities and over 12,500 villages.

Fullerton India now caters to a wide variety of financial needs however small or big. Financial services of the company now include financing of small and medium enterprises for working capital and growth, loans for commercial vehicles and two-wheelers, home improvement loans, loans against property, personal loans, working capital loans for urban self-employed and loans for rural livelihood advancement and financing of various rural micro enterprises.

Today, over 5400 employees of Fullerton India reach out to customers through its branches providing them financial solutions at their doorstep, so that they too could fulfill their needs and aspirations.

Financial & Operating Highlights

  S$m, y/e 31 March 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
 Branches 526 488 429 397 361
 Employees 13,240 9,406 6,828 6,160 5,429
 Total Assets 3,257 2,734 2,205 1,533 1,281
 Shareholders Equity 535 429 344 267 246
 Net Income 42 83 63 39 35
 ROE % 8.7 21.4 20.8 15.2 15.8

India’s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives:

Fullerton India has adopted a unique community development initiative designed to have a sustained socio-economic impact on the community. As its CSR mission, Fullerton India identifies alternative vocations that are promoted among rural households it caters to and helps them adopt alternate vocations to supplement their income. It also promotes their existing livelihoods with the objective of making these vocations into sustainable livelihoods thus helping them to improve their standard of living and quality of life. These programs are implemented by Fullerton India’s own branch personnel with the help of specialized Partner organizations.

Fullerton India’s Livelihood Advancement initiative - Key objectives:

Promote existing livelihoods

Introduction of new and alternative vocations/ livelihoods

Revive and promote dying rural arts and crafts so that they can be preserved

Developing Market Linkages to enable rural households to market their produce directly to end consumers

Fullerton India’s ‘Save The Eye’ program is also a part of its CSR initiative and focuses on making eye care accessible to rural citizens in the catchments it operates in. Eye camps are organized regularly and it runs a permanent Vision Care Centre in Andhra Pradesh to improve access to eye care to people in the area.

Over 650,000 households have benefited from these initiatives since April 2007.

Fullerton India Credit Company Limited was honoured with the World CSR Award for ‘Best Community Development Programme’, on World CSR Day in February 2013. The award is a recognition of Fullerton India’s livelihood advancement initiatives and its commitment towards community development

For Fullerton India there is no dream too small.

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Mr Shantanu Mitra

MD & Chief Executive Officer

Shantanu is a Chartered Accountant from England and Wales and joined Fullerton Financial Holdings, Singapore in 2010 as the Head of Consumer Risk for the Group after nearly three decades in Consumer Banking and Risk with Citibank and Standard Chartered Bank.

Shantanu has worked across various Asian markets, including Singapore, Thailand and India, and was the Regional Credit Head for India, Middle East, South Asia and Africa. Shantanu took over as CEO and MD of Fullerton India in Aug 2011.