Corporate Milestones

  • Completed divestment of 74.9% in FICC.
  • Set up BOC-Fullerton Community Bank Co. Ltd., an Investment Management Bank in XiongAn, China.
  • Divested DaraPay.
  • Completed divestment of Danamon.
  • FICC on-boarded more than 25 fintech partnerships on its digital platform.
  • Digilink launched auto insurance and virtual credit card products.
  • Established Digilink, a digital lending platform in China.
  • BOCF acquired 27 community banks from China Construction Bank (CCB).
  • Invested in LendingKart, one of India’s leading fintechs.
  • BOCF became the largest village banking network in China with the completion of the acquisition of 15 community banks from China Development Bank (CDB).
  • Completed merger of NIB with MCB in Pakistan.
  • Set up e-wallet, Darapay, as a joint venture with Canadia Group in Cambodia.
  • Completed Series B investment in InstaRem.
  • CP Bank acquired Funan Microfinance, expanding its customer reach into the microfinance segment
  • Invested in InstaRem, a fintech company based in Singapore, focused on remittances.
  • Partnered with World Bank and IFC in their Universal Financial Access initiative to enable 1 billion people to gain access to transaction account.
2011 to 2015
  • Fullerton India launched a Housing Finance subsidiary, GRIHASHAKTI, to tap into the demand of aspiring home owners in India.
  • Divested MDB.
  • Established a microfinance, Fullerton Finance Myanmar Co Ltd (Fullerton
  • Myanmar), as a joint venture targeting micro SMEs and entrepreneurs in Myanmar.
  • Divested FICGC
  • Launched Cambodia Post Bank (CP Bank) as a joint venture with Canadia Group and Cambodia Post, targeting SME and micro businesses in Cambodia.
  • Launched BOC Fullerton Community Bank (BOCF), a joint venture with Bank of China (BOC), to provide financial services in rural regions across China.
2006 to 2010
  • Invested in Mekong Development Bank (MDB), Vietnam.
  • Established a microfinance, Fullerton Credit Ltd (Fullerton Credit) in Chengdu, China with mass market individuals and small SMEs as target segments.
  • Established Dunia Finance LLC (dunia) as a joint venture to serve SME and mass market salaried consumers in United Arab Emirates (UAE).
  • Established China’s first nationwide SME credit guarantee business via the creation of Fullerton Investment and Credit Guarantee Company (FICGC).
  • Divested BII.
  • AFH was renamed Fullerton Financial Holdings Pte Ltd (FFH).
  • Established a non-bank financial company, Fullerton India Credit Company Ltd (Fullerton India) to serve the demands of an expanding middle class in India.
2003 to 2005
  • Strategic investment in Chinese banks: China Construction Bank (CCB) and Bank of China (BOC).
  • Invested in Alliance Bank, Malaysia.
  • Invested in NIB Bank Limited, Pakistan.
  • Danamon acquired PT Adira Dinamika Multi Finance Tbk and in the process created the first mass market model in Indonesia’s wet markets (Danamon Simpan Pinjam).
  • Invested in PT Bank Danamon Tbk (Danamon) and PT Bank Internasional Indonesia Tbk (BII), both in Indonesia.
  • Invested in ICICI Bank Limited, India.
  • Asia Financial Holdings (AFH) Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore, wholly owned by Temasek Holdings Pte Ltd.