Current Investments

Headquartered in Yangon, Fullerton Myanmar is a licensed microfinance company with deposit taking capability. In line with FFH’s mission of “Enabling Success and Enriching Lives”, Fullerton Myanmar provides financing solutions to the micro-SMEs (“MSMEs”) to fund their businesses both in rural and urban areas. By doing so, we hope to play our part to contribute to the economic development of Myanmar.

Since its launch in 2014, Fullerton Myanmar now has 65 branches and outlets which covers over 90 townships in nine regions, serving over 200,000 customers. (information as of December 2019)

Mr Vince Au Yoong
Chief Executive Officer

Mr Vince Au Yoong has over 30 years of experience in retail banking, strategy and consumer banking risk, possessing in-depth understanding of consumer lending products and diverse regional experience across Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Fiji and Bahrain. Vince spent 3 years in Alliance Bank as Head of Consumer Banking Risk, overseeing credit and fraud risk for all consumer lending products, and 4 years in RHB Bank as Executive Vice President & Director, Retail Banking, where he managed not only the retail banking business, but also consumer credit and retail risk teams. In recent years, he was the Head, Group Cards and Unsecured Lending in AmBank Berhad. He has the breadth of operational experience and stakeholder management, and has the ability to drive large teams to deliver results. Vince graduated from University of Malaya with a Bachelor of Arts & Social Science degree.