Brand & Network

Our Brand – Behind the Logo

Our logo was developed with an influence on ‘steps’, with upward moving steps representing progression and prosperity. These ‘steps for success’ signify how we help our business grow and enabling our people with ‘a step up’, in our vision to bring sustained growth in our portfolio, and mission in enabling success and enriching lives.

Established since 2003, our Fullerton Financial Holdings brand is built on strong foundations and recognized in the financial services across emerging Asia for our credibility, strength in governance and best-in-class practices – designed to build up businesses and communities in the region.

Our Network & Partnerships – Centre of Excellence

Our network allows our entities to plug into our Center of Excellence and share best-in-class talent, unique operational know-how, proven processes and innovative technology solutions. Our network also provides an ideal environment for cross-pollination of new ideas and solutions.

Local Partnerships

Through the organic and inorganic growth of the FFH franchise, the local partners in the emerging markets we choose to operate in are vital to the success of our business.

From the set-up phase, company integration process, building and expansion of the business, specific local partnerships can provide an early edge with their infrastructure, bi-lateral regulatory relationships, local branding and local in-country know-how.

Synergistic Partnerships

With our existing portfolio of companies, we look to build new partnerships that are complimentary and able to integrate into our business.

With strategic partners, we seek to create new synergistic ecosystems, which can expand the operational capabilities exponentially in our existing companies or be a catalyst in the building of new ventures.

International Partnerships

With our presence in Asia-focused emerging markets, partners with an international sphere of reach is advantageous to our existing group of portfolio companies, and any potential new businesses.

Global partners allow for us to collaborate and rely on their robust infrastructure and range of operational expertise, to equip our companies across the region in selected operational and technical areas that may be country-specific.